Friday, December 31, 2010

Au Revoir, 2010

Well, it's nearly a new year, Jacky Maille fans.  I just wanted to wish my dozens of readers a happy 2011!  We sure had fun in 2010, didn't we?  We trolled companies like Kroger and Starbucks.  We tried to make Cock Retrievers THE dog breed to have.  We looked for several roommates and jobs to no avail.  My personal favorite was the Female Voice Over.  Oddly, the most read post of 2010 was the one with the cheese and cracker trays.

Thanks again for joining me for a fun year of pissing off the interwebs.  2011 should be lots of fun as well.  Who knows what we'll be capable of in the next 365 days?

Remember, Jacky is always open to suggestions, comments, and questions.  Feel free to use the comment box below, or e-mail me at .

Happy New Year to everyone!


Menuge Keotki said...

Jackaroos! Jackwagons!

Happy next year!

Anonymous said...

whats all this "we" shit? I had nothing to do with your constant blatherskike

Anonymous said...