Jacky FAQ

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So what's the point of all of this?

Mainly for my own entertainment.  And there may be a couple dozen people around the world who share my twisted sense of humor as well.

Is Jacky Maille male or female?

Yes.  The great thing about a name like Jacky is that it can be used either way, depending on the individual situation.

Are these e-mails for real or do you just make them up?

All correspondences are 100% the genuine article copy/pasted from actual exchanges with actual people.  I don't edit any spelling, abbreviations, or grammatical errors.  I only edit the names and locations of the victims for obvious reasons.

So are you really Jacky Maille or are you really Drewcifer?

Time was, I was Drewcifer writing under the nom-de-plume of Jacky Maille.  These days I'm not so sure any more.

You call Wolf Blitzer a whore, yet you have ads all over the place.  Explain yourself.

Wolf Blitzer is supposed to be a journalist.  I make no such claims.

Why do you have ads anyway?

Beer money.

lolz ur amazon ads r teh funny shitz do u do that on purpose [?]

Excellent question, I think.  I do control the Amazon ads that are embedded in the posts.  I have just as much fun finding the products that I link as I do the writing the actual blog posts.  The Amazon ads in the box to the right as well as the Google ads are out of my hands though.  If you don't like the ad, don't click it.  However, if the ad does interest you, by all means, click that sum'bitch!

What's the deal with Omegle?

Omegle is an online stranger chat site that allows you to chat with people all over the world. When you click "Start a Chat", the site connects you to someone else on the site. Once you start a chat, you are marked "You" and the person you are chatting with is marked "Stranger". You and your chatting partner both have the option of disconnecting the chat at any given time.  (I stole that from "Omegle: The Complete Overview"-click the linky for more info.)

Have you tried the Omegle Video Chat feature yet?

A couple of times.  It's 95% dudes jerking off.  Jacky don't swing that way.  On a rare occasion where a chick pops up she almost always immediately disconnects.  I'm like, "What the hell man?"  Maybe it's because I'm not jerking off.  Hmmm...

Why does Jacky never change his clothes?

Probably because he doesn't have a wife and/or girlfriend to do his laundry for him.

Have you ever gotten in trouble with ISP's or E-mail providers?

Not yet, but I'm sure there will come a day.  And you can be sure that I'll share it.
The closest I've come has been having a couple Yahoo Answers deleted for being "inappropriate". One guy asked "How do I download Call of Duty 2 for free?" and my answer was, "You can play it for real real by joining the Army."  What was inappropriate about that I have no idea.  Never mind the kid was trying to pirate gaming software.

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