Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jamaican Nanny

Original Ad:

Jamaican Nanny NEEDED ASAP!!
Hi, Im looking for a Jamaican live-in nanny that has a VISA already. I have three children which are 1,2,&4 of age. I need the get someone up here before the end of the month. The pay would be $180.00per week+room and board, food and a cell phone....Thanks!


To: Anna
From: Jacky

Good day to you ma'am!

My name is Jacky.  I saw your ad looking for a nanny for the young children.  I have worked with the many children for 16 years and recently left the job at a local daycare center.  I am sorry to say that I am not from Jamaica but I am from Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. So I am already a citizen, but with the same Island attitude!

God bless you!

Jacky Maille


To: Jacky
From: Anna

Dear Jackie,

Thank you for replying to our ad.  Yes we would prefer a Jamaican lady because our last nanny was Jamaican and thats what our children are used to, but Virgin Islands is fine too.  Our lst nanny recently got married and moved to New York unexpectedly and my husband and I work full time with our own exterminator business.

Can you tell me a little more about yourself?  Like how many families have you worked for.  You said you left your last position at a daycare center.  Can you tell me a little about that?  And what sort of philosophies do you have regarding raising children?

If you could get back to us and maybe send a picture and resume would be great.  Thanks Jackie!

Anna Lxxx


To: Anna
From: Jacky


Good to hear from you ma'am!  I tell you how I work with the children.  We kick back, we relax.  No worries.  We sing songs, do crafts like paper folding and rolling.  I worked for several whitey-dem families back home before coming to Atlanta.  The daycare center I worked for lost they license to the state for some reason.  I don't know.  I mind my own business.  I am not nosy.

Anyway, I send you my picture but understand this:  If the question is will I have threesome with you and your husband-man, the answer is no!

'scuse me while I light this spliff...

PS.  What kind of cell phone are we talkin', mon?  Cause I don't want no cheap ass Nokia.  I want an i-phone!

To: Jacky
From: Anna

Thank you for your interest but we have already filled the position. Thank you.

Anna Lxxx


TableLadderChair said...

Boy if you hadn't gotten all huffy about the cell phone you probably would have gotten that job.

pearlieSTJ said...

awesome bob marley quote!

Popanator said...

LOL @ the pic and the threesome part.

Steve said...

God Bless Charlotte Amalie, USVI!