Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Quick Update with Bonus Yahoo! Answers

Jacky Maille is away for a couple weeks at some far-flung location. Not to worry, Jacky Fans; he still has a laptop and lots of rum. We're not going to go completely dark. New Jacky Maille will be coming soon. Honest Injun.

In the meantime, your brain-damaged hero has been getting his jollies on Yahoo Answers. Are people not aware that there is a whole internet available at their fingertips? Anyone who posts a question on Yahoo Answers is either really really lazy, or really really dumb. Either way, they deserve to be fucked with.

The following are actual questions posted by actual people, and my answers:

Q: Who is at fault for the gulf of mexico oil spill?
A: It was you, because you touch yourself.

Q: At night i breakout in hives and itch real bad. I though it was my house but i have stayed other places?
A: It sounds like chlamydia. Get some antibiotics. Use protection, and maybe stop being such a slut.

Q: I wanna do something sexy/romantic for my boyfriend this Saturday night, but I'm not sure what. Does anyone have any ideas?

A: Buy him a 12-pack of his favorite beer. Give him oral on the recliner while he watches the game. Then give him some peace and quiet for the rest of the night (go clean the house or something).

Q: Where does abuse stem from?
A: Usually the fist.

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Anonymous said...

The last answer was the best! People on yahoo answers are idiots! You should do more of these.