Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jacky FAQs--Sumbit your Questions Now!

It's been suggested that I put up a FAQ page on this site.  Oddly, the people who made that suggestion didn't offer up any questions of their own.  So I put it in the hands of you, dear reader: submit me your queries and I will answer them.  They can be serious questions like "Why are you even bothering with this crap?" or offbeat like "Bananas or passion fruit?".  It's in your hands.  I will answer them all.  I cannot promise that you will receive the answer you want, (keep in mind that Jacky was dropped on his head) but you will get one, nonetheless.

You can submit your questions in the comment boxes below or email them to your humble moderator at .  You can also send them to Jacky's Facebook fan page.  You can use the linky to your right.

Jacky's still sunning it up in the tropics, but is never too far away from the computer.  We'll be back in the States next week, assuming the asshole pilots on Spirit Air settle their strike.  (Hmmm...that gives me an idea...)

Be cool, Jacky fans.  We'll see you very soon.


Nala said...

I'm confused. Are these real emails or r u just making these things up?

Anonymous said...

lolz ur amazon ads r teh funny shitz do u do that on purpose

Aussie Stranger said...

I just chatted with you on Omegle (you sent me the link here). Am I going to be immortalized here?

Luna2555 said...

Have you ever gotten in trouble with ISP's or Email services?

LilLaura said...

Are you aware of just how big a troll you are? You suck!