Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fun With Omegle--Tech Support Edition

The great thing about Omegle is that there's no telling who's on the other end.  They can say they're any age/gender/location/whatever.  I should know, I'm a little bit of everything when I go down there. 

You: Hello

Stranger: Hi.

You: I really need some help here

Stranger: With whut...?

You: The DVD drive on my laptop won't load myDora the Explorer DVD

Stranger: Okay . . .

Stranger: So . . . Cleaned it?

You: It won't load any of my DVDs

You: tried that

You: I really want to watch my DVD

Stranger: Maybe the file that's on your DVD isn't working on your laptop...

Stranger: Like, WMA doesn't work on my phone.

You: Okay, it's not really Dora the Explorer

Stranger: I figured.

You: It's a porno called Dora the Anal Explorer

Stranger: Ah~Ah.

Stranger: You must REALLY want to watch it then.

You: I can't get any of them to work

You: Spoogebob Square Nuts

You: District 69

You: Alice in Lesbo Land

You: My Cousin Vinny the Dildo Salesman

Stranger: And you don't have a normal DVD player...?

You: I do, but I can't use the regular TV.

You: My mom is watching The View

Stranger: O... kay...

You: Hell, Hannah Montana isn't working either

You: MY mom told me that this was the website for Tech Support

Stranger: Just something to say - do you have any idea that you're talking to a 14 year old girl now...?

You:  Seriously?  14 year-old girls are doing tech support now?

You:  It's okay, I'm a girl too.  I'm 16.

Stranger: Liar

You:  No, you're the liar.  And this is the most unprofessional tech support I have ever recieved.  Is there a supervisor I can speak with?

Stranger: You're a great troll though.

Stranger: Funny too.

Stranger: Congrats.

Your conversational partner has disconnected.


jackaroo2u said...

that was no girl! i do omegle all the time and do funny like that. maybe i'll start a blog too.

SoulTrollPatrol said...

Troll of the Year Beeyotch!!!2010 wooowooo!!!Magnets...howda fuckdey work?