Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jacky Maille: Hero!

Some said it was a bold move to name this website "The Legend of Jacky Maille". While some may say that Jacky is "the biggest asshole on the interwebs" (actual quote), it is a fact that the Legandary Jacky is now seen as a hero in Sweden! It's been all over the news. See for yourself:

Breaking News: Jacky Maille: Hero

Jacky Maille, Hero to the Swedes! Legend to the rest of the World!


IslandJubz said...

Is that a real news story?

Pope Benedict XVI said...

Batman is a hero. That guy that landed that plane safely in the Hudson is a hero. Jacky Maille, you're no hero.

iNelli said...

You'll always be my hero, Jacky. When will you be in Austraila? We have plenty of foolish buggers you can prank.

Skwissgar said...

Fuck you yaz dildo.