Saturday, November 13, 2010


Original ad:

need someone to come and remove some baby snakes not sure what type but they need to be gone i have killed 2 and theses a nest of them
not sure what type they are but they need to go
i have found some pictures online and kinda looks like a rat snake but im not taking any chances

if u want a snake or many snakes come get them
picture attached is what it looks like just a little smaller 


To: Summer
From: Jacky

The snake in that picture is a Jamaican Brown snake.  They don't get very big, but they're some of the deadliest on the planet if they bite you!  They're native to the island of Jamaica, but have come to the continent via drug smuggling ships.  If you have a whole nest of them in your house, you need to get the hell away from there ASAP!  Call the State Wildlife Commission.  Believe me, I am an expert on snakes, and I know that a nest of those guys will take over your property and then your whole neighborhood.  Above all else, please be careful!

Jacky Maille
Snake Expert


To: Jacky
From: Summer

ive killed 2  so far and their is more back there but I looked it up and to me they appear to be a rat snake. I mean if they are what you said then I am terrified because I have a 4 year old that isnt scared of them. I dunno ill take a pic of the last one i killed and send it to you and let you see what it looks like.


To: Summer
From: Jacky


Just be careful.  Jamaican Brown snakes hunt in packs.  You really should just get the hell out of there.  Seriously.



To: Jacky
From: Summer

i call bullshit on u my husband says jaimacan brown snakes arent poisonous.


To: Summer
From: Jacky


Who are you going to believe, your husband who was dumb enough to hold a snake he couldn't identify just so he could take a picture?  Or me, a world-renowned snake expert?
So be it.  I'll be sure to come to your funerals and let your surviving friends and family know that I tried to save you.   

May your god have mercy on your souls,

Jacky Maille
Lord of the Snakes


To: Jacky
From:  Summer

ufck u they were rat snakes u asshole!

climbin' in yo windows, sssnatching yo people up!


Slimtite said...

So by merely saying you're an expert on something makes you one? Cool! I'm an expert on boobs!

Menuge Keotki said...

LOL!! Also, what kind of stupid husband makes his wife get on Craigslist for help instead of calling an exterminator?

Lionele said...

Whats funny is theres no such thing as a jamaican brown snake. You m ade that up.

jAAkEdUPnIgGa said...

Id fuck a fool up tryin ta prank 8 like dat! I hate SNAKZZ!! dem mafkaz SKRRI!!!

Anonymous said...

man they waz ratsnakes you dumz nggafool!