Sunday, August 08, 2010

You Don't Mess With WWE!

Original ad:

I have many WWE stuff that i collected during times and here they are:
I Have a wwe money in the bank with three ledders and also a hell in a cell cage mach also complete.
And i also have a stage and two extra rings and a tag team belt.
I also have 37 WWE wrestlers and with tables chairs and all those tools.
The wrestlers are.

2 john cenas, 2 cm punk, mark henry, umaga, undertaker, jeff hardy, 2 matt hardys, randy orton, big show, triple h, mikey, evan bourne, batista, rey mysterio, teddy long, mvp
john morisson,2 y2j, festus, shawn michells, mr kennedy, tomy dreamer, carlito, brian kendrick, The great khali, paul landon, edge, eliga brooke, shelton benjamin, the miz
jessie, Trent Barreta.



To: Victor Fxxxxxxx
From: Jacky Maille, Attorney at Law

Dear Craigslist Seller,

My name is Jacky Maille and I am an attorney with World Wrestling Entertainment. Your ad on Craigslist featuring ringsets, action figures and a Championship belt was brought to our attention recently. This classified ad is in violation of the Trademark Protection Act of 1991 and should be removed immediately! Failure to comply within 24 hours of this notice will result in legal action in United States Federal Court.

You are however, permitted to sell action figures of Jeff Hardy, Carlito, Tommy Dreamer, Mr. Kennedy, and Brian Kendrick as they are no longer employed with WWE. We're not sure who "Eliga Brooke" is but our legal staff is looking into it.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Jacky Maille, Esq.


To: Jacky
From: Victor

Dear sir, I have already sold everything for 175 dollers so my ad wont be up anymore. Do you really work for WWE becuase i dont think its against the law to seell anything on craiglist.


To: Victor
From: Jacky

Dear Mr. Fxxxxxxx,

When you purchase a Trademarked WWE product, whether it is an action figure, playset, t-shirt, DVD, etc., you are obligated to have it remain in your possession. You are allowed to give said items away but you are not allowed to publicly sell them for any monetary value. Simply put, only World Wrestling Entertainment is allowed to make money on its products. You sir now owe WWE $175 (US). We will contact you within three (3) business days to set up payment arrangements, in order to prevent any future litigation.

Jacky Maille, Esq.


To: Jacky
From: Victor

i dont think this is for real. Why would a lawer from WWE have a yahoo email address and not a WWE one? I dont think you can make me give you money . This is probably a scamm.


To: Victor
From: Jacky

Mr. Fxxxxxxx,

I assure you that this is the real deal. You don't mess with the WWE! We will lay the litigation SmackDown! all over your candy-ass! If you're not down with that, we've got two words for you: Law Suit! We spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool. You can't see us, it's true. If we have to we can make this a slobberknocker. Oh yeah, dig it. We'll make you famous. What are you going to do when the World's Largest Lawsuit runs wild all over you? And that's the bottom line because the WWE Legal Department said so.

Jacky Maille, Esq.


To: Jacky
From: Victor

ok now I know this isnt for real. Youre funny tho, you had me worried for a minute.



Anonymous said...

Careful, WWF might sue you!

Menuge Keotki said...

This is one of your better ones! Sounds like you really had that goof going!
PS-Do you really do all these pranks from a Yahoo account?

Pigzazzole said...

Yeah that dude deserved to be fukked wit.

Anonymous said...

I love how Linda McMahon's Senate campaign has an ad on this post.